Shelter Rite Fabric

Shelter-Rite® SR18 by Seaman Corporation

Shelter-Rite colors show: Gray, Tan, White, Royal, Green, Maroon, Black

Shelter-Rite 18 oz. fabric is the performance leading fabric to the Boat Lift Cover market nearly 15 years ago. The foundation of the 18 oz. vinyl coated fabric is a 5 ounce high-tenacity (strongest) polyester yarn. The top side and underside have 6.5 ounces of coating that provides superior tear resistance, ultra violet and anti-fungal protection, and water tightness. All seams are heat welded (not sewn). Shelter-Rite 18 oz. will not stretch, shrink or rot. An average cover weighs 65 lbs..

Note: Shelter-Rite® fabric is the most consistent in color year to year, roll to roll and cover to cover. Seaman Corporation uses computerized pigment formulation equipment that all but eliminates this issue. (Occasional sheen variation can create the appearance that colors vary ever so slightly.) Covers made of Shelter-Rite® are covered under the manufacturers 7-year limited warranty.