Custom designs

In addition to producing canopy covers for most boat lift makes and models, Custom Canopy also offers covers for custom made and do-it-yourself designed canopy frames. There’s no need to settle for poorly fitting or low-quality covers because Custom Canopy provides the highest quality canopy covers at an amazingly affordable price.

Please give us a call for more information on availability of custom colors, canopy lengths, or other modifications to our standard offerings.

When supplying information about your canopy frame, please note if there are any sharp corners and pictures are also helpful.

How will my canopy be shipped?

Each canopy is individually packaged with all attachment hardware in a heavy weight cardboard box, to ensure it’s protected and in excellent condition when it arrives at your destination.

Canopies are shipped via UPS or Spee Dee to your shipping address.

I am not 100% sure on what size/style I need. How do I find out?

Visit our “How to Measure” section. This section will walk you through the process of determining what brand of lift canopy you have, and what size of frame you have.

You can also contact us at 239-322-9387 to speak with a representative to help determine what you need.

How do I clean my canopy?

A mixture of mild detergent and water is an effective cleaner. Use caution with any type of cleaning solution, as some may cause a negative chemical reaction with the vinyl coating which can cause premature degradation and discoloration of your canopy.

What is the difference between Laminate and PVC coated material?

The primary difference between laminates and PVC-coated material is in how the components are held together. Laminate material is held together by fusing or rolling a top and bottom material around the base cloth, simply fusing the laminate coating layers to each other through the open spaces of the base cloth. PVC coating, however, is bonded to the base fabric by using a special adhesive process.

The first step in this process is to spread a high strength adhesive in and around each base cloth thread. Then the PVC coating, which is in a liquid state, is spread over the glue. Finally they are all fused together using heat and pressure.

Typically PVC coated fabric has stronger adhesion qualities due to this bonding process. We use PVC coated fabric.

What effects does wind have on the fabric?

The looser the fabric is attached to the frame, the more it flutters in the wind. Ultimately that continuous flexing and beating against the framework, known as wind whip, will deteriorate the fabric.

Without ShelterRite’s UV inhibitors to protect the base fabric from the sun, the base fabric weakens much more rapidly, becomes brittle and is subject to tearing. PVC coated fabric will typically resist the wind whip effect much better than a laminate because of the enhanced adhesion process (explained above).

It is also very important to keep your canopy as tight over the frame as possible to eliminate as much wind flutter as possible, as even the best fabric will break down under continual wind whip conditions

Custom Canopy’s produces tailored boat lift covers

American Dock® Great Lakes® Shoreline®
Aqualift® Harbor Master® Shoremate®
Aqua-matic® Hewitt® ShoreMaster®
Badger® Lake Sore Products (LSP)® Shorestation®
Basta® Max Docks® Summit Marine®
Beach King® Midlander® STARR®
Captains Choice® Newmans® Sunchaser® / Premier Metals
Custom Portable® Nucraft/Craftlander® Triton®
DAKA® Pier Pleasure® Vibo®
Dockrite® Porta-Dock® Walks on Water®
EZ Dock® RGC® Waterway®
Feighner® Ridgeline® And many more!
Floe® Sea-Legs®


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